Vintage watch book "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide" On Amazon

 Vintage watch book "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide"

was launched on Amazon Kindle~ BLOG 29

Prime essence of my vintage watch book

1) My book focus in explaining the techniques in evaluating quality and condition of vintage watches. 

Helping readers to master methods in picking great condition watches amongst possible selections.  Other books list out the story and popular models of several watch manufacturers.

"DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide" introduces ways to quality check vintage / used watches. It could be thought of as a self learning course to start vintage watch collection.

Most watch lovers jump in to buy items from web shop and/or physical shops. Yes, they could still buy many vintage watches. But, most popularly the bought items are not of great condition. This is also my story when I started buying vintage watches about 30 years ago. 

Don't repeat my mistake. You can do it in a smart way by reading my book in advance.

The 1st 10 chapters listed many useful techniques in examining the dials, hands, cover, watch band and the mechanism. Putting two same watch together side by side, a great condition watch stands out like a pretty beauty! 

In addition, great condition watch is of higher chances in  appreciation and against depreciation. This book is a useful tool for beginners. It also helps mid level players to further polish their existing skills.

2) The book covers vintage watch from 1940's to 2010's. A great portion on Rolex, Omega and Tudor entry level models. Very suitable for beginners to mid level players. 

If you grasped the basic techniques in evaluating a watch, you enjoy the process in collecting vintage watches. Be it a USD100-200 watch to a over USD100,000 watch.

3) In the vintage / used watch market, Rolex unquestionably dominates the general market. Hence, my book also focus a lot in vintage Rolex, from manual oyster precision ref 6694 to Datejust (1601, 16014, 16013, 16233), 

Of course, sport watch like Submariner, Explorer, GMT Master are included.

4) Re Omega and Tudor, most entry models (dress watch and sport watch) are covered.

5) Being a vintage wath book for beginners, many other watch brands like Gruen, Breitling, Bulova were discussed.

Benefits of reading my book

1) Readers will be equipped with techniques in screening out quality watches from a large bundle of watches. This is very important for a watch lover. Collecting a set of great condition watch is mush better than a set of watch with low quality. 

Web shopping is very common nowadays. With the techniques and knowledge listed in this book, readers can spot out many useful hidden messages from photos. It helps to avoid falling into unknown trap(s). Making less mistake means saving money and time.

2) Have a thorough understand of major watch brands and models from the 1940's to 2010's. Especially re Rolex, Omega and Tudor.

What's more about the AMAZON English version

My whole book is a big ebook (over 1700 pages with 50 chapter). Besides listing the whole for one purchase, I divided the book into 5 sub books. Each sub book contains 10 chapters. 

All the 5 sub books will be exclusively on shelf of the Kindle Unlimited (KU) platform. If you were a KU member, you can read through Book 1 to Book 5 without additional money cost. Click the image below to start this wonderful journey.

Additional BONUS

1) BOOK 1 OF 5 (over 300 pages) is listed as a FREE zero price item for a limited time. If you have the KINDLE app. installed, you can get it now at USD0- . Go get it now!

2) If you click the 1st photo on top and go to the amazon page, you can click the "Read Sample" button on left. You can enjoy about 10% (about 170 page, 5 chapters).

To buy the whole book from my site, please click the below links:

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Just a few simple photos and text, readers know more interesting vintage watch information in a short time. 

This is my designed aim for my ebook "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide". Helping readers to master skills in  evaluating vintage watch condition with high efficiency and funs.

There was no such online information 30 years ago. Today, information is flooding on web. You need to spend a lot of time to select and screen useful vintage watch knowledge!

Here comes my 1 stop quick solution. My ebook is a quick and effective course for collecting vintage watches.

PDF ebook "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide"

Dickson Tai (DT) has been with the vintage watch business for over 30 years. I wrote a PDF ebook about vintage watch, "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide".

This is a book with abundant HD watch photos and simple text explanations. It is a very useful tool book for vintage watch collection.

Actually, it is an introductory course for vintage watch collection.  Also, sharing my 30 years vintage watch experiences.

It can be downloaded into your PC or smart phone for detailed reading.

Free online trial read:

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