I Love Waffle dials / Honey Comb Dials 1951 Omega Vintage Seamaster gold capped ref 2577

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I Love Waffle dials / Honey Comb Dials

1951 Omega Vintage Seamaster gold capped ref 2577

Photo 1

1951 antique Omega Seamaster ref 2577

Gold capped case, excellent original waffle dial

I am super fancy about waffle dials. Hunting for good quality waffle dial watch was a on going regular  activity during my watch collection journey. It is hard to believe that a 1951 Omega could have such a great condition waffle dial! All original and very clean surface.

Due to its irregular surface with many hollow grids, dust and moist can be easily stored. Turning black or moldy is quite common. It is quite rare , but not impossible, to come across such a beautiful dial. Definitely very lucky if you can meet with such beauty. Sure it would be a great precious moment if you can hold and grasp her in hands for admiration.

How to evaluate waffle dial to rule out repainting? Check the HD photos and description below:

Photo 2

Check and feel the overall presentation

1) words are set in balanced setting?

2) I the dial turned black or moldy on dial?

If yes, acceptable?

Photo 3

Lum dots are in pumpkin colour

Photo 4

Photo 5

1) Due to its irregular surface, it is difficult to repaint the dial without being noticed. Added lines will be easily jiggled and look like a "snake" line.

2) All letters at the upper portion are in good and normal shape without deform.

3) Check the 00 / 15 / 45 lum dots. They are surrounded by perfect squares.

Photo 6

Original paints ad all letters are in normal shape.

Photo 7

Check the light reflection of the word "Seamaster"

All letters were smoothly painted.

Photo 8

Note the Omega logo at centre marked beneath the plastic cover.

Photo 9

cal 351 bumper automatic movement

Photo 10

Marks inside the case back cover and ref 2577

Photo 11

Even comes with a antique Omega watch box!

Click here to watch all HD photos

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