How To Start Collecting Vintage Watches~15 。 Rolex Entry Level Sport Watch for Beginners: No Date Submariner 14060 / 14060M

 How To Start Collecting Vintage Watches~15。
Rolex Entry Level Sport Watch for Beginners:
No Date Submariner 14060 / 14060M

Photo 1: 1993 Rolex Submariner ref 14060

Photo 2: Watch leg lines (WLL) as a tool for case condition judgment

Photo 2b: WLL and braised lines on watch leg surface

Condition always is the prime consideration for buying in a vintage watch.  WLL is a good reference for case condition judgment. Photo 2b shows a near perfect WLL. Braised lines on the leg are neatly arranged. These indicators tell the case condition is very good to excellent.

Photo 3

Simple design with 2 lines of words at the upper portion and the lower portion and no date. A big case size of 40mm. 14060 is the cheapest submariner model amongst all. Simple and relatively cheap, that why I pick it as an entry level sport watch for the Submariner series.

But, condition again is the prime consideration. Must pick a piece with "judge at one sight" ,JAOS, beauty with very good condition at least. My ebook provides many JAOS skills for vintage watch selection.

Photo 4

T dial is my first choice.

After 1997, T dials are no longer available.

Photo 6: About 2002 ref 14060M

In 1999, Rolex upgraded the cal 3000 to cal 3130. Hence, 14060M was launched accordingly. The outlook was NOT changed.

Photo 7

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Just a few simple photos and text, readers know more interesting vintage watch information in a short time.  This is my designed aim for my ebook "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide". Helping readers to master skills in  evaluating vintage watch condition with high efficiency and funs.

There was no such online information 30 years ago. Today, information is flooding on web. You need to spend a lot of time to select and screen useful vintage watch knowledge!

Here comes my 1 stop quick solution. My ebook is a quick and effective course for collecting vintage watches.

ebook "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide"

Dickson Tai (DT) has been with the vintage watch business for over 30 years. I wrote a PDF ebook about vintage watch, "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide".

This is a book with abundant HD watch photos and simple text explanations. It is a very useful tool book for vintage watch collection. Actually, it is an introductory course for vintage watch collection.  Also, sharing my 30 years vintage watch experiences.

It can be downloaded into your PC or smart phone for detailed reading.

Free online trial read:

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