A Simple History of Rolex Submariner

 A Simple History of Rolex Submariner

Photo 1: 1993 Rolex Submariner ref 14060

Simple History of Rolex Submariner

Phase 1: Oyster case

Rolex launched the oyster case in 1926. This water proof case laid the foundation for the development of Rolex's own diver watch.


Phase 2: Launch of 6XXX series since 1953

27 years after the oyster case, Rolex launched the Turn-O-Graph ref 6202. This watch have a turntable bezel with 60 minutes record. It's outlook is basically a diver watch. Some critics may say this is NOT the 1st Rolex Submariner. Then several models of 6XXX were launched till 1958/59.


Phase 3: 55XX series

About 1958/59,Rolex started the 55XX series. Amongst them, 5512 and 5513 are very common. These two models continued till 1989.


Phase 4: Submariner with date, ref 1680

About 1969, a Submariner with date ref 1680 was launched. It was produced till 1979. Then come in ref  16800 until 1989.


Phase 5: 4 digits ref was replaced by 5 digits ref

1979 come in the 5 digits ref 16800. About 1988/89, all submariners changed to use 5 digits ref: 14060, 16610 and 16613, etc..


Phase 6: 5 digits ref was replaced by 6 digits ref

Rolex launched 116610LN in 2010. 114060 was out in 2012.


The above is just a simple history of Rolex Submariner by time frame. If considered the change of dials, case, band and movements, etc., that would be a book of encyclopedia size!! No rush, start the adventure of vintage watch 1st. Then, absorb those historical knowledge bit by bit. That is the fun side of the game!

Photo 2: Watch leg lines (WLL) as a tool for case condition judgment

Photo 2b: WLL and braised lines on watch leg surface

Condition always is the prime consideration for buying in a vintage watch.  WLL is a good reference for case condition judgment. Photo 2b shows a near perfect WLL. Braised lines on the leg are neatly arranged. These indicators tell the case condition is very good to excellent.

Just a few simple photos and text, readers know more interesting vintage watch information in a short time.  This is my designed aim for my ebook "DT Vintage Watch Photo Guide". Helping readers to master skills in  evaluating vintage watch condition with high efficiency and funs.

There was no such online information 30 years ago. Today, information is flooding on web. You need to spend a lot of time to select and screen useful vintage watch knowledge!

Here comes my 1 stop quick solution. My ebook is a quick and effective course for collecting vintage watches.

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